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The world is ending ... or so it seems!

8 votes
Please help.  

My son (11) makes it seem like the end of the world every time we ask him to do some work around the house.  It doesn't seem to matter how big or small the job or what type of job.

How do you get your older kids to help out with out major complaining?
asked in Kids by cmic (4,473 points)

2 Answers

5 votes
Looks like you are in the stage of pre teen and teenage complainer.  I would just tell your son that not helping out around the house gets the weekly allowance down.  Even complaining will take the dollar amount down. You might have to pay but it will get some stuff done
answered by Simone (131 points)
Good answer Simone... that's what I would do with my son!
I told my son about this one ... his eyes went big and he just looked at me.  I think that was a clear sign that this is the way to go.  Thanks Simone.
1 vote
Hopefully when the world doesnt end at the end of the year he will be a little of a happier and more reasonable person.
answered by Suzie12 (149 points)

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