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Any activity ideas for me and my 3 year old?

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I try to activate my little son (3years) as much as possible, mostly with outdoor play though. But I know he loves crafting, as he's on nursey 2 days a week and I can see they're doing it alot.

Ive done some crafting with him, and we also have these basic stuff as play doh and aquadoodle

Anyway, I love to cook, and I always make home made meals for my family, but my son have never really joined me,  How do you do when you cook with your toddlers? Is he too young to be in there with me?
asked in Health & Safety by R_MacDonald (148 points)

2 Answers

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I always play a simple game called copy cat, you dont have to actually buy anything, you just mirror or copy what ever your child does, It can be a lot of fun or it could go the other way and your son will get upset, but it is worth the price of the game, good lucksmiley

answered by BarbT (226 points)
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If you have a good place to do it, finger painting is a lot of fun.  It allows kids to express without any rules or skill required.

As for cooking, I think it is great to get kids involved at any age.  For less than two year olds it is mostly talking about what you are doing and letting them hold or touch some of the ingredients.  For over two, they can stir, add ingredients, squish, roll, or pretty much anything besides using the stove or cutting.

My older son (11) likes to bake and my younger son (5) likes to cook anything he can eat.
answered by cmic (4,473 points)