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When does it become inappropriate for your child to see you naked?

28 votes
At what age does a child recognize that nudity is generally private? When did your child become uncomfortable seeing you naked?
asked in Kids by freestuffforme (682 points)
My daughter is 23 and still lives at home.  Sometimes she will pop into my room for a chat and I am getting dressed. It is not a problem.

11 Answers

2 votes
I would think around 3 or so, that is when memory kicks in and I am sure that no one wants to remember seeing their parents naked
answered by Diane (204 points)
–1 vote

I will tell you that it is pretty inappropriate for you when you are 30 years old, just walked into the wrong room the other week.  surprise

answered by Faith (197 points)
5 votes
I am almost thirty and I still see my mom naked when we go to the gym so I guess never for me, maybe during my teens I would have been more immature
answered by Michelle (207 points)
4 votes
I have no memories of my parents naked so I think I came out a winner.
answered by Nadine (183 points)
I agree Nadine, the thought of seeing my father walking around naked, lol, I'll pass! It takes 2 seconds to pull up a pair of boxers or throw on a robe!
1 vote
Around the time they go to school is about when you should think about separate change rooms
answered by Dana (193 points)
2 votes
I am a little surprised at the answers so far.  I am 41 and on rare occasions when visiting I will see my mom or dad scooting from the bathroom to their bedroom with nothing but thier glasses on.

I was alway taught not to be ashamed of my body and therefor have no issue being seen by my kids. I do not flaunt it nor hide it.

So if you haven't already guessed, I don't think it ever becomes inappropriate for kids to see their parents naked. This of course assumes they are seeing you in a non sexual manner ... needed to add that caviate.
answered by cmic (4,473 points)
I think this is right answer....."cmic"
1 vote
I have never seen my parents naked, why would I?
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
2 votes
I fully agree with "cmic" answer.....

I don't think it ever becomes inappropriate for kids to see their parents naked.
answered by Marca (344 points)
0 votes
I can understand when they are young children, because you're busy rushing around, that if you have them in your room & your changing, no big deal.  The thought of grown adults walking around naked.... really?  I wouldn't care to see my parents naked unless there was a reason to see them naked (for example, they are ill, or elderly & I need to help them bathe.)  As far as them walking from the bathroom to their bedroom naked... I'd take a big pass!
answered by karlisss (3,585 points)
1 vote
I'm with you cmic. I believe that naked is natural and that's how it should be treated.
answered by crackintoes (746 points)