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I heard dry cleaning isnt safe because of the chemicals during pregnancy. Anyone know about this?

9 votes
I was told that dry cleaning chemicals are bad so you shouldnt wear clothes that just came from the dry cleaner.  Does anyone know anything about this.  Is it true?
asked in Health by Jessica (64 points)

5 Answers

1 vote
I heard about this bothering pregnant women because of their sensitive sense of smell.  If you air out your clothes it shouldnt be too bad.
answered by Samantha (269 points)
1 vote
I never knew about this.  I will def air out my clothes now.
answered by Ingrid84 (210 points)
1 vote
It probably has to do with each person but to be safe I am not dry cleaning anything now.
answered by Katy (213 points)
1 vote
Interesting, I didnt know about this either.  I guess I wont see my dry cleaner anytime soon
answered by Mandi (221 points)
0 votes
I dont think dry cleaning chemicals are good at anytime really. Of course you can be more sensitive during pregnancy to the smell but I doubt there is any skin absorbtion. Inhalation would be on the same level as traffic pollution, other chemical fumes, etc so avoid it all as much as possible all the time.
answered by Guppy (6,009 points)

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