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How old was your baby when you left him/her with someone else for the first time?

23 votes
Should a mother stay with her baby for a certain period of time before leaving him/her with someone else for the first time? Is it easier to leave your baby with family members?
asked in Health and advice by freestuffforme (682 points)

5 Answers

5 votes

Around 4 months I was able to let my mother take care of my baby, but that was because for the first four months we were separated by an ocean.  If we werent I wouldve had my mother over the first night taking care of her.  LOLcheeky

answered by Gia (222 points)
3 votes
The first time was when my baby was 1, I had to go out of town for work, it was horrible.  I remember almost crying when I left but you do have to stay strong so they know that everything will be fine
answered by Dana (193 points)
3 votes
Dana is correct with her advice , you do not want to leave her crying, you have to leave her in a happy mood, I think that makes it a lot easier on both of you.  I left my children with a babysitter after 5 months to answer you question
answered by Sandra (189 points)
–2 votes
In general, it's not a good idea to leave kids younger than 10 years old home alone. Every child is different, but at that age, most kids don't have the maturity and skills to respond to an emergency if they're alone.  I would wait till at least 12 though.
answered by Kelli99 (137 points)
I was actually just asking about leaving your baby with a trusted friend or family member. I think there is another question posted about leaving older children home alone, though.
1 vote
My daughter was maybe a month old when her Dad took me out for my birthday. She stayed with paternal Grandma as she was in the same town as us. No problems at all. The next time wasnt until she was 3 months old and spent a whole day with my sister when I was moving house. I did find family easier as I already knew them (what to expect) which you're not going to be so sure about with anyone you havent known as long or as well.
answered by Guppy (6,009 points)