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When should a parent serve nuts to their child for the first time?

15 votes
Are peanuts worse than other nuts? At what age should a child be ready to start trying them?
asked in Eating & Mealtime by freestuffforme (682 points)

6 Answers

3 votes
After an allergy test and they pass of course :)
answered by Roxy (380 points)
3 votes
Don't give your child whole nuts until she's five, because of the risk of choking.
answered by Deborah (197 points)
2 votes
I also heard that you should wait till around 4 or 5 and you should get that allergy test asap.
answered by Kelli99 (137 points)
2 votes
There is so much debate on the do's and dont's for this! Peanuts are not actually nuts but in the legume family.

I started my kids with almonds around age 2 and other nuts came along before school age - we have no 'nut' allergies on either side of the family and any type of allergy is also rare so we had no reason to be fearful. No allergy pre testing was done either - thats not fun for littles ones and false positives happen. Or you can test negative but an allergy develops later anyway.

Best to talk to your medical practitioner as they know you and your specific situation best and will advise for you......not what is okay for someone else.
answered by Guppy (6,009 points)
2 votes
The child should be past the age where allergenicity could be a potential concern. I believe for tree nuts it is over the age of 1, and for peanuts it is over the age of 3. Hard to understand why so many kids have allergies to nuts/peanuts these days, when back in the day, it seemed no one did. My own kids (both of them) got into peanuts at an early age (accidentally) and both of them are now allergic to peanuts.
answered by jenna3967 (2,690 points)
2 votes
4 or 5 should be a good time.  5 to be safe.  No reason to go nuts and do it earlier.  Sorry for the pun, I couldnt help myself.
answered by Stephanie (528 points)