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Does your baby use a neck cushion?

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I have moved my 3yr daughter into the next size up car seat, (High backed booster seat using seat belt), But Im finding when she nods off in the car, her head is constantly falling forward. I have to keep stopping and putting it back against the seat. Can anyone recommend a cushion or support that will stop her head doing this?

I never had this problem with my old one as it reclined enough to keep her head back. However, even though her new car seat 'reclines' its obviously not as much as the old one

any help
asked in Health & Safety by CanadianMom (184 points)

1 Answer

1 vote
The only cushions I have seen stop the head from bobbing side to side not forwards.  

Unless your daughter is showing signs of stiffness after or has trouble breathing in this position I would not worry.  They are much more flexible than we are and with the seats 5 point harnes she is still safe.
answered by cmic (4,473 points)