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When can you start taking kids to the movies?

20 votes
When I went to see Inception last year someone brought there baby, It was crying for half the movie until my friend walked over and told them to get the baby out of there.  That was a bad idea on that families behalf but I I was just wondering if anyone has taken their youngest to a kids movie and watch an animation? Like most kids and I was thinking of taking her to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 at the cinema, but am not sure if she'd sit still long enough. Has anyone taken their babys to the cinema and how did it go? She's 2 next month.
asked in You and baby by Aida (169 points)

8 Answers

2 votes
It depends on the movie, Kung Fu Panda is fine but you would want to take her to an early shwing (younger crowd). taking a baby to Inception is ridiculous though.
answered by Jennifer (272 points)
3 votes
I would have to say that you should wait till they are at least 4 years old, because that is when they can actually sit down for an hour and a half and pay attention to the movie
answered by Karen (188 points)
2 votes
Around 3 is def a good age, I agree it depends on the movie
answered by Darcy (242 points)
2 votes
The first time my son & I went the the movie theatre... he was three.  He loved movies (especially Disney movies & sat thru them at home, so I knew he'd do well.)  If they get bored easily at home watching movies... forget the theatre!
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
2 votes
I wouldn't bring a baby to the movies except the Movies for Mommies where the sound is turned down and mayhem is expected.  I would wait until my child can sit through a movie otherwise it would be a waste of money plus I really would not want to annoy other people.  I also would only bring my child to appropriate movies. I have been at crazy violent movies where there were young kids (ages 5-9) and was appalled! Pay for a babysitter people!
answered by archy0050 (895 points)
1 vote
I still cant and he's 8! We try it every few years hoping he's grown enough but he cant sit still and needs to go pee at least twice. So we just dont go - movies at home it is!
answered by Guppy (6,009 points)
2 votes
There is an organization called Movies for mommys.  This is perfect for taking kids to the movies.  Look it up.
answered by Ingrid84 (210 points)
1 vote
We're looking forward to taking our kids to the Drive in this Spring and Summer....We can shelter others from the noise in our car and still everyone can enjoy the movies or fall asleep comfortably!
answered by spacella (271 points)