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How do you deal with the guilt of returning to work and leaving 2 babies at daycare? Especially when there is so much negativity at work?

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45 years old have 5 kids...oldest 19 years old and 2 youngest 23 and 6 months old.  Contemplating on career change? In same career 14 years health much negativity in our department?   Draining! :(   Went back after first mat leave and was already 5 months  pregnant with last much talk!!!!   Worked close to delivery born in June...still had fellow employees bad talking?
asked in Moms by Chris666 (658 points)
I used to work for a bank and found myself terribly depressed.  A negative work environment can cause stress, emotional and mental health issues.  I remember seeing an episode of Oprah many years ago.  The guest spoke of creating a better life for herself and children by deciding to take a job with a significant drop in pay but the rewards outweighed the financial loss.  I did this also.  I left the bank and started working in a senior's activity centre.  My life changed for the better because of it.  I was able to take my daughter to work with me on Pro-D Days.  We spent more time together and we were able to create a better balance for our everyday life.
Thank you for your time and advice with answering this question...still up in the air?  Need to do some hard thinking!!! :)

3 Answers

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If you are in a place where you can make a change in your work then do it, what do you have to lose? A horrible job where you dont enjoy yourself.
answered by Francesca (248 points)
Thanks again...may have that option in June? Thanks for your time :)
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I agree with Francesca , if you can leave then leave, there are jobs out there that people enjoy, so I here.
answered by Grace (205 points)
Thanks for the support :)
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I would NOT work if it's possible!?  I'd do without alot of the material things.  It wasn't a choice for me, I was a single mom for many years & needed to work as I could never rely on my sons father.  Never showed up when he was supposed to, or he'd cancel at the last minute.  He'd be late on support payments for his son.

Luckily, I married my husband (my sons step-dad) & when we got married, I cut back my hours to part time only! What a blessing that was!  I did go back to full time when our son was older & was more self-reliant!
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
I can relate to being a single mom and indeed your ex lost his parental rights to my oldest 3 children and is over $48,000.00 in child support payments ( have cut arrears 2x already in court).  I had no choice to work as well to support my older 3 children.  Now with my new partner and 2 new babies times are income and he has his own finances to deal with.  Added a new question today and kinda updated the job status...if you read it you'll see...  New career maybe an alternative but need to find a healthy and definite happy balance for myself and children!  Thanks for your suggestion and happy to hear that things went in the right direction for you and your family...take care :)