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Have you suffered depression during pregnancy?

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Ive suffered from depression for quite some time and have dealt with post pardom deppression after my previous 2 kids were born. I'm pregnant again with my 3rd and I'm still on a low dose of medication from my last episode with my 15 month old.

I had been doing ok, but this last week or 2 I have really started going downhill. All I want to do is stay in bed, or stay on the couch.

I experienced this with my last pregnancy as well, but kept it to myself and didn't get treated because I didn't want to be taking medication. I'm so hesitant to go back to my Dr. now because I really don't want to be taking more meds.

My husband is very supportive, and always willing to help out and listen. But talking actually makes me feel worse because my worries sound so insignificant when I say them out loud and then I start to question my own mental strength when I can't even deal with little problems

Has anyone else experienced a worsening of symptoms with pregnancy? How did you handle it? Am I crazy for hesitating about taking more medication?
asked in Moms by hippiemom (235 points)

4 Answers

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I hope you feel better. I understand why it can be depressing, you are not yourself really.  You are as big as a house and you are not treated like a normal human being.  You have been through this before and hopefully you know that it isnt the worst experience.  I hope you dont go too far with the medication.  Just think positive and meditate on good things and I am sure things will turn aroundsmiley

answered by HSmythe (137 points)
Thanks so much.  I am feeling a lot better lately and I really appreciate everyones advice.  This means so much to me.
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I feel for you, pregnancy was tough for me but I was even more depressed after with PPD.  Depression is something that you have to dig yourself out of.  It starts with your thoughts and then with your actions.  Hope you feel better.
answered by SuperMom (135 points)
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I think that our generation is over medicated.  I would not want to fall into the ditch of taking pills to solve every problem. I would discuss your problems with more than one doctor and tread lightly on the next step you take.  There are sunny days ahead.
answered by FoleyR (178 points)
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I hope you are feeling better now.  A lot of women go through what you are going through and there are a lot of groups that you can go to and talk to them.  You should give that a shot before you add to the medicine cabinet.
answered by Penny (182 points)