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Why is my daughter so badly behaved?

6 votes
Hello I am a single parent to my 13year old daughter Jenna.

She is out of control and its to hard to handle anymore she doesn't listen to me and never has.

What should I do? Any help would be nice.

asked in Teens by AskDaddy (2,639 points)
edited by AskMommy

5 Answers

4 votes
Have you considered seeking professional help? Child psychiatrist?
answered by Gina (88 points)
4 votes
Try to talk to her more often and spend more time with her.
answered by Gina (88 points)
5 votes
I agree with Gina.  At that age everything you do to try to fix the situation will be wrong in her eyes.  So, attack it indirectly.  Rent a movie you know she wants to see.  Then you can talk about it the next day.  Avoid being judgemental or sarcastic.  The goal is to build the relationship to a point where she respects your advice.

Be prepared for the long haul.
answered by cmic (4,473 points)
3 votes
Gosh, the "teen years", I'm glad they are long gone!  Our son seemed to have a terrible attitude with us & only us!  His teachers & his friends parents, would all say he was so pleasant to be around & extremely polite!  I would ask him why did he feel it was fair to treat his dad & I in a rude manner, be so mean & miserable?  It was a stage he went thru.  When he reached 15, he got a p/t job (on his own), played football & did extremely well in school (not to mention he had his first steady gf!)  It's like he matured overnight!  His attitude towards his dad & me, changed for the better!  Just be patient, be open & honest & always be there for them... just LOVE them!
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
3 votes
I wanted to add, my brother has a 17 year old daughter who is terrible, always has been & always will be!  They allow her to walk all over them.  She swears at them, calls them horrible names... simply treats them with no respect!  YET, they keep spoiling her, giving her everything she asks for!  She is 17, almost 18 & has never had a p/t job (except the odd babysitting job.)  She misses a ton of school, saying she has a headache or her back hurts!

I say, take all the toys away, don't give her any spending money (unless she earns it... as she does nothing around the house!)  I say let her take a bus to school, instead of giving the princess a drive everyday!  They have created a monster by giving into her every demand (I feel sorry for that girls future husband!)
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
I think a lot of parents are slack with their discipline then wonder why their child isn't well behaved.  Gotta get them respecting you while they're young because after 9 years old it's kind of a lost cause.