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Could this be an egg allergy?

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Little one is 14 months and soya intolerant, dairy free diet doing well, a few occasions now iv.tried him with egg & he's been violently sick either immediately or within a few hrs l8tr, iv put it down to other things but laid off egg. last week the people @ the nursery gave him scrambled egg for tea and from the next day he had 5-6 runny diapers, he's had a 2 slice of bread sandwiches for tea (nursery) tonight and he has litterly projectile vomited everywhere and I mean everywhere!!! don't think its a bug but thinking could it be the bread?  would never of thought managing a food intolerance could be so worrying and hes not half as bad as other los I know!!!its like something all the time!!!!any advice or reassurance would be appreciated x
asked in Baby feeding by Kelli99 (137 points)

1 Answer

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Diarrhia and vomitting are common with food allergies in kids.  

Most factory packaged bread no longer contains eggs.  You may want to check the ingredients in case he has multiple triggers.
answered by cmic (4,473 points)