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Can you recommend a good calcium supplement?

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Can anyone help recommend me a calcium supplement you use or are given by my sons doctor

He is allergic to eggs dairy, soya, nuts, fish and sulphites, I know I know.

He has just turned 2.

Until recently his Neocate Active contained enough calcium for him each day but now he is older he is dropping more and more of his milk so the doc prescribed him with Calcium-Sandoz syrup at our last visit.  Will try this but would like to hear what others think


Any help would be great
asked in Health and advice by Bestmomintown (161 points)

2 Answers

1 vote
I'm very sorry Bestmomintown, but I've never had this experience with my son (and don't remember friends mentioning this.)  I wish u well, I'm sure if the doc prescribed it for him... all will be well!
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
1 vote

My 2 yr old son has Seravit on prescription - it's a complete multi vitamin and mineral supplement that also has calcium. It's a powder that you mix into a drink or Neocate.

answered by GeorgiaPeach (173 points)