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Is dried fruit bad because of the sugar?

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 He loves dried fruit, mainly dried apricots, apples and raisins.  He is almost 2 years old now, my how time goes by fast

Someone said to me the other day that dried fruit is as high in sugars as chocolates and it will do the same damage to his teeth, anyone know if this is true? I would sooner give him a dried apricot than a piece of chocolate any day of the week but am I fooling myself thinking its healthy?  Seems like dried fruit is healthy but what do I know?



asked in Baby feeding by Mia (162 points)
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3 Answers

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It is true, but the dried fruit gives a lot of nutritional value as well.  To be honest it is not just dried fuit that is high in sugar.  Most fresh fruit and mellons are also high in sugar, but everyone has accepted that they are good for you so there is no debate.

As it is said "everything in moderation"
answered by cmic (4,473 points)
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I think the problem is more that dried fruit is so calorie dense. You can eat much more of it that the full fruit with all the liquid. Dried fruit is more likely to stick to teeth therefore the cavity concern, but brushing/flossing afterward would fix that.
answered by Guppy (6,009 points)
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I think the trickiest aspect with dried fruit is that it's so easy to consume in large quantities. People forget how much they're having as it doesn't tend to be as filling as their regular-sized counterparts ... and next thing you know they've consumed too much. The natural sugar content definitely adds up quickly.

answered by Evan (1,400 points)