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My baby wakes up a lot during the night. Is 8pm a good bed time?

12 votes
I know babies wake up a lot during the night, but I think mine wakes up maybe too much.  I am putting her to sleep every night at 8pm.  Is that a good time or should it be later or maybe earlier?  Help this sleepy mother
asked in Baby sleep by Faith (197 points)

4 Answers

2 votes
8pm is a fine time for a bedtime.  Dont stress about it too much, babies wake up all the time.  I didnt get a good sleep for months.
answered by Karen (188 points)
1 vote
Karen is right, 8pm is fine.
answered by Megan79 (240 points)
Thanks girls, I needed that
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8pm seems reasonable... get into a routine, give baby a bath, swaddle, cuddle, sway!


GETTING A BABY TO SLEEP - It can be a chore to get your baby to sleep at night. As a mom of four I have had the best results using the "Happiest Baby of the Block" method which includes swaddling, then rocking and shushing, then putting baby on their back in a baby pillow - sleep positioner.

answered by karlisss (3,585 points)
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For your sake earlier would be harder on you - baby would be up that much earlier in the morning. Of course I mean for an older tot and not a newborn that sleeps through out the day/night anyway.

Have you tried to keep baby up a bit later and go to bed at the same time? Maybe you would get in some sleep before the first wakeup? But like most of us you may want the private time in the evening for hubby, other things and so on... Good luck - hope you do get more rest.smiley

answered by Guppy (6,009 points)