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My 2 year old hides to do a poo, is this normal?

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So I am starting the potty training process and I am pretty sure I know when he has to go, my boy always hides when he has to do a poo, is this normal, it seems like he is ashamed and I really dont want him to be ashamed.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated


Thnx Mich
asked in Potty training by Michelle (207 points)

4 Answers

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My 3-yr-old nephew used to do this when he was potty training. I never got the impression that he was ashamed. It seemed more like he was hiding because he knew it was wrong but, for whatever reason (laziness, defiance, ?), he didn't want to go to the toilet, and he didn't want to get caught before he was done. My sister basically just handled it by 1) threatening to make him wear diapers again, instead of his cool "big boy" underwear (and occasionally following through on that threat), and 2) making him help a little bit with the clean up by taking off his dirty pants, bringing them to the toilet, and/or helping to empty the poop from the pants into the toilet.

If you really think that your son is ashamed, I suggest trying to make it so that poop is not taboo. Just talk about it - "I'll be back, honey, I need to go to the toilet to have a poop" - and help him realize that everyone does it.
answered by freestuffforme (682 points)
Thanks for answering.  I hope you get a lot of free stuff.  HAHA
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Maybe it's just a psychological thing?  Maybe he has it in his mind, that going poo, is a bad thing?  U know how parents get when fooling around... we say things like, "Ewwwww, stinky poop or smelly bum"  & we don't realize the child is taking the comments as if they are doing something wrong.  Good luck with the potty training Michelle!
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
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I saw this in my little ones too.  Once they start hiding it means that they are ready to start potty training because they know it is coming enough to go hide.
answered by RubyTuesday (194 points)
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we went through this too.  in order to train him to use the potty we would stand in the bathroom with him until he learned how to poop in the toilet if i didnt he would get down and start hiding again it worked and now he goes by himself my son was afraid so i had to reasure him it was ok to use the toilet thank u very much
answered by Aisha (176 points)