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Saw my 14 year old smoking. What should I do?

12 votes
I dont smoke, my husband doesnt smoke.  My 14 year old son, he does.  We saw him smoking the other day.  We do not like this.  What to do?
asked in Teens by Erin (205 points)

4 Answers

0 votes
Get him to smoke a whole carton, just kidding.  I dont know what you can do but just tell him that you are disappointed and hope he smartens up.
answered by Gia (222 points)
2 votes
Spank him in front of all his cool smoker friends
answered by Heather (219 points)
haha , that would teach him Heather
1 vote
My advice would be to be stern, my father was really stern with us, if he saw us smoke he said he would kick us out.  I still smoked but never around the house, and now I quit.  If parents are cool with their kids smoking then they will just smoke all the time.  I think it is weird when parents and kids have cigarettes together, but that is just me.
answered by Bernadette (181 points)
0 votes
I know this is old fashioned but when my buddy's dad caught him smoking at 13, he made him smoke a whole pack.  Dude was soooo sick he never (and I mean never) picked up another cigarette again.  He can't even smoke a cigar or be around cigarette smoke without feeling a bit queasy.  I think some people think this is abuse, but I deem it to be tough love.   Better that than them getting addicted to smoking and threatening their health long term.
answered by channylaf (3,549 points)