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3 Y/O only pees in the potty. How can I get him to add #2?

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My son is 3yrs and 10 months and we potty trained him almost a year ago now. At first he was great, did all his #1s in the potty but never would do a poo, he would save that for his brand new pants. UGH. Unfortuantely I am still at this stage now and he has gone worse with the #1s aswell. More often than not he will wet his pants and only ever poos in his pants. It seems like he is regressing. I have tried reward/sticker charts, gift rewards, just ignoring it and dealing with it, talking to him but nothing works. Two weeks ago I did manage 3 poo's on the run in the toilet, he would go quiet and I knew he needed a poo so immediately I would pick him up and take him to toilet and encourage him to go and he did but then it all stopped again and I was doing nothing different.  What can I do to get him to be a fully trained potty boy?
asked in Potty training by Ingrid84 (210 points)

3 Answers

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Usually by the time they are able to acknowledge, pee and poo they are ready for potty training, every child is different but you have to talk to the and try to catch it before it happens so you can walk him to the potty
answered by Dana (193 points)
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Hi Ingrid!  We have 3 children & all 3 were so different when it came to potty training!  Let him go at his own pace, it will come in time, even though it seems frustrating!
answered by karlisss (3,585 points)
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Have you tried walking out of the room or out of her sight while she is sitting on the potty? My daughter often will go when I am out of sight but not when I am in the room. She likes a little bit of privacy.  Might help

answered by AHeward (262 points)