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So proud of my daughter. Is her behavior normal?

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I wanted to use this forum to express how proud I am of my daughter.  I want to know if my toddler's behaviour is advanced for her age or if its normal and I dont have anybody to compare to.

She is now almost 2, about 18 months. She started taking a very keen interest in letters from about 17 months. I have not done any sort of training with her. She just has the alphabet floor mats that most people do. She now knows the whole alphabet, upper and lower case. She can say them all and point to them if asked which one is which.

1 week ago I bought her a colours book. I have only read it to her twice, and she now knows the colours. If I ask which is green, red, purple etc to any object she will point correctly. She says a few. Red, green, purple and blue.

I have never counted the number of words she can say because she is exposed to 3 languages and its all getting a little confusing but she understands all and can say words in all 3.

So please tell me ladies, is this normal in a 18 month old? I hope I do not come across as boasting.
asked in Learning to talk by Gia (222 points)

2 Answers

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Your child is extremely intelligent & you should be PROUD!  She is definately advanced & so ready to learn & soak everything in!  Keep her stimulated, great job Gia!
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
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Good job Gia.  You should be proud , seems like you have a great daughter.
answered by RebbyGee (176 points)