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Why is my daughter still wetting her pants?

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Asking about my 3 year old and she consistantly wets her pants. She is almost always too absorbed in activities or just cannot be bothered to go to the toilet. I do not yell at her or scold her in any way, but explain that she needs to use the toilet, I have tried star rewards for going a day without wetting her pants, but to no avail. My washing basket is full of her pants and trousers, sometimes 4 complete changes a day.

He is very bright and understands, but is just not bothered about getting to the toilet.

Any advice on what to do as I am starting to get angry about it now as it has been going on for ages.

Many thanks,
asked in Potty training by Eileen (196 points)
Have you tried a sticker chart in the bathroom? Pee pee parties? (put on party hats, get noise makers and make a big celebration of it after they go. Right in the bathroom!) also, have you tried bribing them with their favorite treat? If none of this works, try sitting the little one on the potty every half hour to hour for at least 5-10min. Also, have you made sure that she doesn't have any health problems? UTI? Anyways, don't be discouraged! Sometimes it just takes time! Good luck

1 Answer

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We had the same problem.  We ask her nicely to go pee and try not to let it get nasty.
Its like she is to lazy, or just doesn’t think to go.  I know this much that she leaves it to late, because sometimes we find her squatting or crouching on the floor looking worried and we have to carry her to the toilet because if she stands up she can’t hold it back.
answered by RebbyGee (176 points)