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Anyone know why my daughter is an early riser all of a sudden?

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My daughter usually sleeps 7-7 but for the past 2 weeks it's been 7-6 , an hour ealier!!!


She almost always has 1 nap a day at 12.30 for about 1.5-2hrs and goes to bed fine.

Her naps have been a bit all over due to visitors etc during the holidays, and I'm hoping that's why the early rising.

I tried putting her down later last night 7.30 but still she's up at 6. Her room isn't too hot or cold. She wakes up crying which is not normal she usually wakes up chatting.

She also seems to be teething as well.

Hurry up whatever it is I need my sleep!!
asked in Baby sleep by Brenda (193 points)

3 Answers

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This happens to the best of us. Make him comfortable by changing his nappy and offering him a drink, then leave and go back to bed and see if he settles again. Keep your voice and movements low-key so that he hopefully gets to understand that it isn't quite waking up time yet.

answered by busymommy1 (168 points)
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There is no real answer, sometimes kids just start waking up early.  I suggest you give your daughter some toys to play with , make sure they are safe so you can go back to bed and rest easy for another hour or so.  I did it and I have heard other parents do it too.
answered by perfectparent (176 points)
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What worked for us, is setting an alarm clock!  If they wake up before the alarm goes off, they must stay in their bedrooms, but are allowed to look at their books or quietly play with their toys.  It worked really well & they learned quickly what that alarm means!
answered by karlisss (3,585 points)