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Anyone know anything about night coughs?

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My 18 month old has had a cough at night on and off for the last 6 months, I've taken her to her doctor three times and he says her airway is clear an just have her cough syrup. I don't believe it's just a normal cough because she gets it for weeks at a time has a week without it then gets it again.  This cant be normal

Im a full time student and she goes to nursery so we both end up so tired and its starting to worry me as I have no idea what is causing her just to cough when she's asleep! Has anybody else had this or have any idea what it may be?
Thank you
asked in Health and advice by Samantha (269 points)

4 Answers

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Run a cold air humidifier in his room and apply a tiny amount of Vicks on his chest and neck. Make sure he's got a shirt on and is covered up.

You can also give him a little drink of water to clear his throat a bit.

Also try not to have the ceiling fan on (if you have one). It dries out the air.

Hope he gets better!

answered by Jennifer (272 points)
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A humidifier is a must in the winter.  I never used to use one and always had horrible sleeps waking up with really dried lips, couple of years ago got one and it changed my life.  Also make sure that you do a lot of vacuuming, dust might be the cause
answered by Katy (213 points)
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I had that with my new born for the first couple weeks.  Thankfully it cleared up and now we are sailing smoothly
answered by Karen (188 points)
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My baby had it for about 2 weeks and it kept me up the whole time, I think it ended up making me feel worse than her.  Lots of Vicks Vapour Rub & a humidifier
answered by Ophelia1 (214 points)