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Does anybody have any great Christmas stories?

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My little girl got up and sang songs all by herself to everyone.  Does anybody have any great stories from the holidays.  Love the holidays and just wanted to spread the cheer.
asked in Learning to talk by Diane (204 points)
Awww, many tears I'm sure

2 Answers

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When Magic Really Happens!

answered by AskDaddy (2,639 points)
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This is a little late but I promise its a good one.  When I was 9, I found out the real story about Santa.  I was a smarty pants and decided to "inform" my 6 and 5 year old sisters of this fact.  My parents were livid (as they should have been) and decided to teach this smarty pants a lesson.  While we were in church Christmas Eve night, my dad left early to "warm up the car".  He went home, climbed up the old antenna tower and dragged 2-2x4s across the roof to make it look like a sleigh.  Crazy man.  When we came home, he pointed up and said, "Look, Santa must have come".  Who could argue with proof?  My sisters' faith in Santa was restored and I was put in my place.  I love my dad.
answered by channylaf (3,549 points)

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