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What is the strangest present you got for Christmas?

13 votes
I thought that this would be a fun discussion.  What is the strangest present you got for Christmas?  My husband got me strawberry scented socks.  Yup.  Better than feet smell I guess.
asked in Moms by Amber (252 points)

5 Answers

4 votes
A potato peeler from my husband.  How romantic.
answered by Diane (204 points)
3 votes
Strawberry scented socks?  lol, give him points for originality.  I got a daily planner from my mother-in-law...I'm a stay at home mom with baby...what do I have for plans?
answered by channylaf (3,549 points)
3 votes
My hub decided to do a "12 days of Christmas" theme (this was yrs. ago), so I rec'd something small daily, leading up to xmas day.   On about the 9th ot 10th day, I was on my way to work & he said to look in the back of the jeep for my daily gift.  LOL, it was a "Fix A Flat" in a can!?  I never did use it, but I guess if I ever got a flat, I'd simply have to use the insta can to fill 'er up!?  What a goober!  I guess he had the best intentions :)
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
1 vote
An air freshener for the car.
answered by karlisss (3,585 points)
1 vote

I cant think of actual 'strange' gifts but one that I didnt really appreciate was when hubby thought buying me a programmable thermostat was a good idea.....crying

Maybe I should have bought him a toliet brush! lol!


answered by Guppy (6,009 points)

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