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Does your husband help with your baby

3 votes
My husband works all day and when he comes home and goes to bed. When our son was a baby, he did help but now he is almost a year old, my husband does not want to help out with him. What can I do? Help.
asked in Moms by Cathleen Helton (231 points)
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1 Answer

1 vote
Stricking a balance between mom and dads is a hard thing. My husband works all day and when he walks in the door he wants to relax. I'm with our 2 1/2 year old all day and when he comes home from work I want to what we do is after dinner we either do something as a family like  go for a walk or play in the back yard. That way we can both kinda of relax while we still have her. We also plan mommy nights and daddy nights where we can have a night off usually on the weekend and that seems to help alot.  Hopes this helps:)
answered by lovingmommy (101 points)