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Is it too early to start to feed my 4month old baby rice cereal? The doctor told me to hold off till 6 months? but why i think he is ready

3 votes
Is it too young to start my 4 month old baby on rice cereal? The doctor to me to wait till 6 months?
asked in Baby feeding by jj (58 points)

4 Answers

1 vote
i started my son on rice at 4 months and baby food at 4 and half
answered by cartermommy (62 points)
1 vote
I fed my son rice cereal (not in a bottle but in a bowl) starting at 4 months
answered by Kalebsmama (74 points)
2 votes
It is not too young, I started my son at 4 months and he loved it. If your 4 month old is showing interest in food when you eat it is a good sign they are ready.
answered by ikita_2000 (66 points)
1 vote
I would definitly double check again with the doctor. I think if my doctor told me to wait, I would follow their advice. Also you can maybe get a second opinion from another Pedi if you really think that your baby is ready.
answered by mbreda (211 points)