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Do the children help you garden? [poll]

8 votes
Do the children help you garden?
Yes they love it! (5 votes)
They help, but are not happy, it's a chore. (0 votes)
No, they are not interested. (0 votes)
No garden. (0 votes)
Other. (0 votes)
asked in Kids by bcpotts (7,692 points)

3 Answers

2 votes
They go through phases but they are happy that we have a garden.
answered by dikorory (3,334 points)
2 votes
My daughter loves flowers as much as I do, so we now trade cuttings. My son doesnt like the maintainence chores of a yard/garden but he does love to dig in the dirt and capture worms!
answered by Guppy (6,009 points)
3 votes
My daughter (age 5.5) is almost too helpful! I'm grateful that she's interested, though, and love the time we spend there together. Sometimes I go wihtout her, though, just to actually get something done!
answered by Louise Casey (78 points)

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