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My 5 year old little girl is having violent episodes against me now for nearly 2 weeks, does anyone have any advice for a very concerned single Mom?

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She is biting, pushing, slapping, screaming....everything that is rough she is doing to me.  I am very concerned.  I've taken away special toys, I've explained that this behaviour is wrong, but it still continues.  I hope this stage passes.
asked in Kids by Jendt (72 points)

1 Answer

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My sis is a pro.  You can't negociate or reason with a 5 year old.  Try the "naughty chair".  One minute for each year they are.  If they get off, place them back on.  They get off again, put them back on again...and again...and again.  Until she gets it.  She'll cry, scream, ball, pull her hair but you don't budge.  Don't speak to her until she sits her full 5 minutes.  Then, review why you put her there and give her a hug.  Good luck mom and be strong.  If my sis (who hates confrontation) can do it so can you!
answered by channylaf (3,549 points)
Thank you for your insight.  It's been 2 days of non-violent behaviour, so happy, but I am realistic, it will happen again and at least I am learning how to manage it.  I am using all the resources that are given to me, I love "AskMommy", it has helped...thanx channylaf.
Yay!  Baby steps...sounds like you're doing fine
And I guess it's normal to have stronger days where you feel like you have it all under control and all of a sudden, the bottom falls out of it.  But I am embracing the past 2 days, no signs of that behaviour, very happy.  Thanx for chatting:)