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Was it harder to get pregnant for your second child?

6 votes
Did you find it took longer to conceive the second child then the first? My first child was conceived the first month we tried but the second is taking longer.
asked in General Q&A by archy0050 (895 points)

3 Answers

1 vote
Not at all. The first was a 'surprise' (young and ignorant). The second was planned but only took the first try. I have very distinct ovulation times, (still and Im in my 40's) so I knew the prime fertility time for me. I guess just luck that hubbys little soldiers were 100% at the right time.
answered by Guppy (6,009 points)
Haha, love reading your answers Guppy!  :)
1 vote
It was easier for me the 2nd time around and just after he was born I went through menopause.  Got them in just in time.
answered by dikorory (3,334 points)
1 vote
Wish I could be of some help... could only have one, but he's a good one, he's a keeper! :)
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)