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Safe age(s) to let your kid(s) start babysitting? [poll]

21 votes

For those who have kids who have wanted to earn some spending money and experience by offering babysitting services ... at what age did you feel comfortable letting them do so?

Did you find your kid(s) pushing to babysit at a far too early age, or were they responsible enough and agreeable when you talked with them about the responsibilities it would entail, etc?

Kid(s) is / are too young yet (0 votes)
12 or younger (0 votes)
12 - 14 (9 votes)
14 - 16 (2 votes)
16 - 18 (0 votes)
No interest from the kid(s) in babysitting (0 votes)
asked in Kids by Evan (1,400 points)

8 Answers

1 vote
12-14 and only if they have participated in the "Babysitting Course" offered in most libraries.  It also depends on their maturity level & how responsible they are.  I'd never allow my child to babysit, simply because they "want money".  I started babysitting when I was 11 & I think every grown up that allowed me was just wrong!
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
1 vote
It really depends on the child but I believe they have to take the babysitting course or you could be in a lot of trouble.  The course only allows 11 year olds if they're turning 12 that year.  I also believe it depends on the maturity of that child.  I was more mature at 11 than my sister was at 16.  I would say wait until 15-16 for them to babysit babies; 12 might be a little early to be asking that much from a child.
answered by channylaf (3,549 points)
0 votes

Daughter was about 13 when neighbours in our Co-op started asking her to babysit. I had more of a problem with the maturity level of some of the parents! One had practically no food in the house  - wonder what the poor kid ate generally. Another was the IOU type for payment and then had the nerve to accuse my daughter of drinking her booze stash....

She soon found having a paper route and then a 'real' job was better for her.

answered by Guppy (6,009 points)
1 vote
depending on the child, around 12-14. A lot of it relates to the individual maturity of the child, and their desire to take on responsibility and make a bit of money. At 12 yrs old, I was ready for this but not every child is.
answered by jenna3967 (2,690 points)
1 vote
I am surprised that 12-14 is running away with it.  I would have thought 14 would be a good age to finally be able to completely trust your youngens.  I guess I am not as trusting a mother as everyone else.
answered by Erin (205 points)
1 vote
12 - 14 is good because you want to start to give them responsibility when they are turning into teenagers.  If you dont give them reponsibility then they will never become responsible.
answered by Ingrid84 (210 points)
1 vote
Various ages of children can babysit. Many children begin babysitting around age 12 and continue babysitting through their teen and college years.
answered by Gia (222 points)
0 votes
I think 12-14 is still a little too young.  It really depends on the childs personality too.  If you knwo the child is responsible and gets good grades and is an overall good person then 12 should be good.  If you know youre child sometimes likes to get into trouble then I would suggest waiting a little longer.
answered by Katy (213 points)

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