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My girl has trouble pronouncing certain letters. Big Pwoblem?

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 i am wondering if my little girls speech is ok, when she says any word that begins with a 'f' it actually sounds like it starts with an 's'.

i know some letters take longer to learn than others.

she is nearly 3.

is this normal for her age ??

anyone elses toddler the same ??


asked in Learning to talk by FoleyR (178 points)

2 Answers

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It is definitely a problem with a lot of children.  When my brother was a child he had a lot of problems pronouncing words all the way up until grade 2 or 3.  He stayed after school with an amazing teacher you helped him with his speech.  Thank God for Mrs. Kelly.  Now my brother is successful and works in advertising.  It doesnt always have to deal with mental capacity so just get a speech therapist and work on it.  She might learn on her own too
answered by Francine88 (161 points)
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My son had the same problem with his speech!  He could not pronounce TR (as in truck), he would pronounce the TR as  F, so truck, was _uck!   We saw a speech therapist & she was very helpful.  She also explained that we may be catering to him & we are not making him say the word.  For example, he would get extremely frustrated when trying to speak, so he started using sign language instead of words.  If he wanted a drink, he would hold his hands like he was holding a cup & he would pretend he was sipping the cup.  Once we realized we were not helping him, we made him attempt to say the word!  It didn't have to be clear or perfect, but he had to atleast TRY to say it!
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
He was 4 yrs. old before his speech improved... just in time to start jr. kindergarden!  :)