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How much do you play with your baby a day?

11 votes
By the time I get home from work and feed my 8 month old daughter I only have an hour tops to actually play with her before she needs her bath and has to go to bed.  I spend as much time playing with her on weekends but feel that this may not be enough.  Is this enough, how much does everyone else play with your child??
asked in You and baby by CanadianMom (184 points)

5 Answers

4 votes
I play with my baby as much as possible, at least 4 hours a day but I am worried about when I have to go back to work.  Dont feel guilty, you are doing your best.
answered by Newmommy (187 points)
3 votes
I try to play with my girl for at least an hour a day..  You can play anywhere, you dont exactly have to be in a play room to be playing.  You can have fun anywhere with your daughter, just know that you are trying your best and dont feel guility
answered by IngaMinga (198 points)
2 votes
I played as much as possible!  I was a single mom & worked (a few jobs), but I tried to make the most of our time... fun time!  U don't have to be on the floor playing with toys, but make everyday routines fun.  Like when she is having a bath, that's time to play.  When ur eating, u can play a counting or colour game.  If ur on the bus or walking to the sitters, play I spy!

Just make the most out of the time u have :)
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
2 votes
I only get a chance to play with my baby for about an hour or so a day.  This is upsetting but you have to pay the bills.  I, like everyone looks forward to the weekends.  The weekends are a different story, we play almost for the whole day.  I am sure when Monday comes around she is probably sick of me.
answered by RubyTuesday (194 points)
2 votes
I have a lot of fun with my baby every day but I also think it is important to try to put aside "serious time" too.  This is when I read to her or try to teach her new things.
answered by regina (230 points)