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What are your tips to get a toddler to eat veggies?

20 votes
My son doesn't like many veggies. What are your tips to get your child to eat more veggies?
asked in Steps & Stages by archy0050 (895 points)

13 Answers

0 votes
if they are old enough let them cut veggies (under your supervision of course), let them help you stir, or anything else you can think of that would be age appropriate.  this way they are more invested in the meal and will be more likely to want to eat them
answered by Carrie (181 points)
0 votes
Mix all the veggies up in a stir fry. My children love it, might not work for you but I cant see too many children not liking a chicken stir fry.  I would stay away from putting in mushrooms unless they ask.
answered by Diane (204 points)
0 votes
I'd say at that age, try to make them fun!  Make silly faces with the vegetables (they always did that in the drop-in centre I attended with him.)  Have cut up, raw veggies & have dip (kids love to dip their food!)

Also, try to be very careful what you say because kids copy us!  My one brother used to say out loud... "Ewwww cabbage, I hate cabbage, it smells & tastes horrible!"  My son would be around, hear this & mimick what he was saying!  My son started saying things like... "Uncle Terry don't eat it, I don't wanna eat it!"
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)