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Do you monitor the types of tv programs your teen can watch at home?

15 votes
Does anything go on tv for the teens? Can they watch all the evening Drama series, cable movies etc or not? Are certain show off limits? And at what age, if ever, does that change in your house? No for a 15 year old but okay at 17?
asked in Teens by Guppy (6,009 points)

5 Answers

4 votes
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I usually am watching TV with my children so I guess I do.  This is a problem that would occur more if you have separate TVs around the house.  My kids do not have TVs in their rooms so this is not a problem, and our computer is in a general room so they cant hide that from me either.  I have eyes everywhere.
answered by Farrah_H (291 points)
selected by Guppy
4 votes
I was raised with very little censorship and I turned out to be a decent individual.  I think you do more harm hiding things from your children then letting them see what is out there.  This way they can be ready for anything out in this crazy world.
answered by Sabbie (243 points)
4 votes
They are still young so I do, but when they are older I would hope that I raised them well enough to trust their tastes.  The last thing I want to be is a lurking mother.
answered by mrsmom (261 points)
3 votes
Watching over what my teens shows not so much.  My younger ones , yes I do.  I want to see what the impressionable young minds are watching.  My teens are so secretive by nature that I dont really try.  I trust them anyways.
answered by Diane (204 points)
1 vote
Yes we do monitor their tv programs.  They watch very little, but they like YTV & the family channel.  In the evenings, we generally watch tv together, so it's not a big concern.  They do not have tv's in their bedroom, we didn't want "couch potato" kids.  I find the teen years are extremely busy.  Between school, volunteering, friends, & sports-- there is not much time for tv.
answered by karlisss (3,585 points)