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Do you have a dress code/rules for your teen?

12 votes
Are baggy jeans, concert t's, mini skirts and exposed tummy tops off limits in your house? Or can the teens wear what they like - if they pay for it? What rules do you have regarding acceptable or not clothing. Do you have seperate rules depending on situation - school, church or casual times?
asked in Teens by Guppy (6,009 points)
I remember back in junior high and high school kids would often change attire once they arrived there. A childhood friend of mine got suspended once even for wearing a see-through silk shirt (without a bra) in 9th grade during a rebellious stage, and then wondered why she was in the principal's office and sent home or sent to detention. Something along those lines. Talk about an in-class distraction for everyone. I forget how long it took for the teacher to address it, or if they even did.

4 Answers

3 votes
My oldest has to pass the test of me giving her to once over.  She usually passes and I try to make it no big deal.  I do not want a me vs her type relationship.
answered by Sabbie (243 points)
3 votes
I need to see less skin than clothing that is for sure.  The summer is obviously the hardest time of year.  And who knows what trampy thing is going to be the style this year.  There is always something.
answered by Farrah_H (291 points)
1 vote
No real rules here, because they are usually in a sports outfit, lol.  However, for our daughter, she is not allowed to dress like a 20 year old going to a night club!
answered by karlisss (3,585 points)
1 vote
I have a son, so I'm guessing the girls dress code is different.  I liked the way my son dresses, he always took pride in his appearance (no pants falling down, showing his underwear... no wearing the baseball caps sideways-- thank goodness!) He always had good taste when it came to clothes.  He was involved in sports & they had a dress code when travelling, casual dress (no torn or baggy jeans, no big, baggy t-shirts.)   Then he started working at 15 & there were no jeans allowed, had to be black, cotton pants.
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
Thanks goodness he didnt like those tshirts with the rude/crude sayings printed on them!

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