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When can your child be on Facebook?

15 votes
Do you think there is an age that is too young to be on Facebook.  I think they have a minimum age at 14 or so but I am not sure and kids can lie.  Do you think that parents should let their kids on Facebook and other social networks whenever they want?
asked in Teens by Snooks (220 points)

7 Answers

5 votes
I think around 13 or 14, Facebook is one of the safer ones.  You have to watch out for Craigslist and Forums, there are alot of them out there,  Facebook is tame compared to most.
answered by AHeward (262 points)
5 votes
I think they shouldnt be on Facebook at all but if they have to.  I think once they are in high school it is almost like they have to be on it.
answered by hippiemom (235 points)
6 votes
The minimum age on facebook is 13.  I think this is a reasonable age to allow them to join provided they have a set of rules to follow.  Although the content on facebook is "tame" as AHeward pointed out, it is the most common place where teens put excessive personal information about themselves.  You need to make sure that they use the private/public settings when required and that they do not put things like address, school, or schedule in public areas.


Regardless of my choice for my kids, you need to be comfortable with your choice.  If you are concerned with your childs safety or if you are not familiar with the safety precautions then you are better to wait until they are older.  Contrary to popular belief among teens, facebook is not a necessity for life, they can survive without it.
answered by cmic (4,473 points)
4 votes
The older the better I say. Even in the teen years (and some adults) you're not always thinking properly about what you post for public consumption. Like the 'Laptop Homicide Dad' story, when something goes viral it can follow you forever.

I know many grade school kids that are on Facebook - all you have to do is sign up and fake your birthday - there are no 'real' checks. Its up to the parents to monitor online usage and making/enforcing 'full disclosure rules'. I just hope I'm still more tech savy than my son when he decides he's opening an account!
answered by Guppy (6,009 points)
4 votes
It seems like everyone puts their baby on Facebook as soon as they take their first breaths.  I am almost suprised some of my friends havent started a page for some of their toddlers themselves.  I read all this info and many are right about showing them the privacy settings.  Some adults still have no idea that there boss can see the pictures of that night they spent in Vegas last winter.
answered by Shauna44 (220 points)
2 votes
Very good question, Snooks.

For the most part people are agreeable on Facebook ... kids tend to get themselves more into trouble when they start joining chatrooms and so on wherein they can find themselves going a bit overboard.
answered by Evan (1,400 points)
0 votes
I think grade 8 - grade 9, the age of 13 seems fair.  If they are going to be on facebook, they must add a parent as a friend (so we can monitor their posts & pics!)  Also, we have our computer in the family room so we can walk-by at any time (big brother is watching!)
answered by karlisss (3,585 points)