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My kid is going to bed with more and more toys. What can I do to stop this?

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So my kid goes to bed with toys, I was fine with this but now it is getting 2B over the limit.  3 stuffed animals a whole bunch of action figures and everyday is another thing.  I am worried he is going to roll over or choke on one of them,  what can I do without being EVIL MOM?  I have trouble making him cry.  I know I am weak.



asked in Steps & Stages by Talia8 (212 points)
I had toys for my daughter that were only for bedtime.  A few soft toys and she was happy.  Perhaps letting your child choose up to 3 toys to take to bed.  Giving a child a few choices are helpful but too many choices can be too much for a child to cope with.

5 Answers

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Our girl takes loads to bed with her. Before we go upstairs we make her to choose a toy. She invariably picks up at least 2, there are another 3 or 4 already in her cot.

Get her to rotate her toys.  I've seen too many desparate/frantic mums trying to replace a lost toy.

Sometimes we have to draw the line at what she wants to take with her.
answered by Willa (188 points)
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You should limit it to one, then she will be forced to pick but she will love that one more than anything.  I had the same thing with one of mine but it only lasted awhile,  I actually had a survivor type vote off every night so there was one fewer every day till there was the final one that he wanted to keep in his bed
answered by LoriAnnG (245 points)
Toy castaways as voted by the child...brilliant suggestion!!!
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I agree, allow her to chose ONE special toy for bed!
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
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I had the same with my my son.  At one point he slept on the floor because there was no room.  I told him he was being silly, it was like the toys actually bullied him off the bed.  It was so funny. After it got to that point I think he realized how silly it was too and he started taking the toys off and now he is down to 2 or 3 which is a win to me.
answered by Cassandra (173 points)
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Im weak too then! lol! My son is 8 and in a queen size bed that is 2/3rd full of large stuffed toys. I think he's lonely in bed all by himself. No hard action figures at least.... and I cant give you advice - just support to know you aren't the only one. :)
answered by Guppy (6,009 points)