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My 2 YR old is disctracted at dinner time. Help

3 votes
So every night at dinner time 2YR old is getting more & more distracted at dinner.  He only eats alittle bit and says ALL DONE asap.  He wants to get down from his chair and play.  I dont know what to do.  I know he is going to get hungry again right away.  how can I get my boy to sit through a whole meal?
asked in Eating & Mealtime by Desiree (58 points)

3 Answers

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I've had this same type of problem since my little one was about a year old. It's as though he eats just enough to get rid of the starving phase and them gets bored. I was told by my doctor that I should just leave him and he'll eat when hungry etc. she said that unless actively eating remove the food after 30 mins. I sometimes have been able to do this, but I don't like to so I still distract most meal times. Or I make him something I know he can't resist. good luck darling
answered by mrsmom (261 points)
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I wouldnt worry about it at this age, it is a normal thing for little ones to get bored when they are eating. I had to distract both of mine with toys, tv etc...they are now 5 and nearly 4 and they eat perfectly fine at the table without distractions anymore. You have to do what works for you at the time, life is too short to worry about those little things :)
answered by Sabbie (243 points)
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Oh this is the worst, Ben and I had this problem.  It is just a phase, the more you try to make a big deal about it the worse it is going to get , so just let them do what they have to do.
answered by Mary&Ben (304 points)