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My teething baby has diarrhea. Some say there is a connection. Is there?

6 votes
Ok, I have a question.  My son Scott is teethin and also has had a few days of having a runny bum,  some of my other mother friends say that it is something that is connected, that a lot of babies get diarrhea when they start teething.  Is this a true thing, doesnt feel like it is
asked in Health and advice by Elizabeth77 (173 points)

2 Answers

1 vote
Diarrhoea is a very common side effect for lots of teething children. Hope this makes you feel better because it is the same thing that I went through and I was told by the doc that it is normal
answered by Felicia (151 points)
0 votes
It should clear up soon, no worries darling
answered by CanadianMom (184 points)