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My baby seems to be dropping day time nap time. What to do?

5 votes
One of my favourite times in the day was when my son Greg would take his nap.  He is 18mo and now he seems to just be playing sitting up in his crib and playing with the mobile when I put him in his crib.  Where did my silent coffee time go.  I need that time to re engergize to.  Is he going to want to nap again anytime soon, is it over?? !!!!!
asked in Sleep & Bedtime by Deborah (197 points)

6 Answers

1 vote
It is not that uncommon for this to happen. Just let her sleep whenever she wants and hope she goes through the whole night.
answered by Lynn (178 points)
1 vote
My kid dropped his nap the week he turned 2 .  My conclusion is no nap = earlier bedtime. An earlier bedtime doesnt always mean an earlier riser but if you dont implement an earlier bedtime then she will get over-tired and then wake more and earlier
answered by Undertherainbow (122 points)
2 votes
My baby went from 2 naps at 1 yr old then down to 1 nap a day while she was 2 and now isnt napping at all.  I agree with the earlier bed time, that is the best way to make sure she gets alot of rest
answered by Dotty (234 points)
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Sorry to say that it might be over,  you can sleep when she goes to college, good luck smiley

answered by FGreen (136 points)
1 vote
My son dropped his day time napping around 2 and a half and has never looked back
answered by brilliantmommy (62 points)
1 vote
Some kids drop their naps in the morning when they get older.  My son did.  He naps a little longer in the afternoon now so I've just moved my coffee/book time to then.

answered by channylaf (3,549 points)