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Would you allow your kid to play rugby in school?

12 votes
I thought it was very dangerous when my son played in highschool.  It was very popular in his school.  He loved it even though I was not happy about it.  Unfortunately he was injured and broke and dislocated his shoulder.
asked in Teens by dikorory (3,334 points)

7 Answers

5 votes
Ouch, sorry to hear about your son dikorory, I hope he will be ok & I wish him a speedy recovery.  I never had a child want to play rubgy, but there were many other sports he was interested in (karate, football, lacrosse... were the ones that scared me!)  As much I didn't want him to be involved, I know if I said no, he'd hate me (well, he'd be pretty angry with me.)  He wanted to be involved in those sports & he always excelled, so I supported him where ever I could. I simply prayed  alot when he was playing! :)
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
3 votes
Yowza! I don't know. It seems quite violent and dangerous, but then again, there are greater risks out there. I probably would allow my boys to play if they wanted to.
answered by jenna3967 (2,690 points)
3 votes
I agree with bcpotts, I would let them play.  It could be worse ... they could be into boxing!
answered by cmic (4,473 points)
2 votes
I highly doubt he'll want to but yes Id let him. My sis inlaw did in school (shes 19 now) and if a little thing like her can do it Im sure I wouldnt forbid my son to try.
answered by Guppy (6,009 points)
1 vote
Sorry to hear about that.  I think rugby is such a dangerous sport but I find the more your try to push your child in one direction the faster they will rush to the other one.  Rugby is a tough sport and I guess if your child wants to then you should at least admire their courage and hope for the best.  It is still better than UFCing
answered by Holly (201 points)
3 votes
Rugby is a very tough sport, its like football without pads.  However, every sport has its risks.  I broke my ankle playing high school basketball.  I dislocated my shoulder in hockey and I'm positive I gave my parents their grey hairs.  The lessons I learned playing the more "involved" sports has made me a better person and kept me out of bad situations.  I learned discipline, boundaries, how to manage my anger and leadership.  I had the confidence to say "no" to peer pressure.  It's made me a better parent, although I'd be right along side you in knots at my child's rugby game.  Hang in there.   I know it's really terrifying seeing your child doing something where you know they'll most probably get hurt. The one way you can protect him in this sport is to ensure his coach does not push him to play injured or before he has healed properly.  Good luck to you and your son.
answered by channylaf (3,549 points)
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Definitely a challenging area, given the popularity of rugby in recent years. It has begun picking up in N. America after being more familiar in other parts of the world.

My dad is a long-time rugby player and fan dating back to the late-60s. He played for a local team in Vancouver, and encouraged my brother to play while he was in high school. Brother never suffered any major injuries, but definitely need to be careful in sports such as the aforementioned (and football) due to the physicality involved.

Rugby - no pads

Football - padding


I opted for basketball, soccer, and track & field mostly throughout my years.
answered by Evan (1,400 points)