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My daughter is acting very boyish. Should I do something about it?

14 votes
My 4 year old daughter is growing up to be a bit of a tomboy. She prefers boys clothes, boys toys and she even doesnt like her name Marcia.  She says her name is Mark, maybe because it is easier for her to say.  I am not anti gay but I am wondering if anybody else went through this and how they handled it.  Either way I will be proud of her
asked in Steps & Stages by Karla (151 points)

6 Answers

5 votes

You should let your daughter be who she wants to be, if you get too judgmental then she will not want to be around you at all and it is something that you will regret for your whole life.  I know it is tough when you see your children become something that you never imagined but just go with the flow and life will be better for both of you

answered by Bernadette (181 points)
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I agree with Benadette, you cant change anyone and if you try it will ruin your relationship with your daughter, maybe it is just a phase,
answered by Sabrina (117 points)
1 vote
I think you're doing the right thing!  Let her be HER, she is finding her way, her style... what makes her unique!  Children go thru many stages.
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
1 vote
I am glad you are still proud of her, I have 3 children and they all range in personality and I very proud of all of them no matter what they do.
answered by VolleyballMom (164 points)
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You may have regrets years down the line if you try to force her to be someone shes not. Maybe its just a 'phase' but if its signs of your daughters deeper identity then you should identify and embrace the important things and forget the stereotypes. I hope Marcia/Mark is the smartest, happiest, healthiest, loving and most honest person you hope she will grow to be!
answered by Guppy (6,009 points)
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Seems like you have the right attitude.  No matter what life gives you it is important to handle it with grace, this will help you get through anything.
answered by Sabbie (243 points)