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My son fiddles with his diddle in public. How can I stop this?

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My son plays with his ding dong a lot and I would really like him to stop this.  Does anyone on here have this problem.  It isnt like he takes it out he is usually touching it over his clothes.  What do I do, it is very embarrassing.  Any advice would be appreciated,  I have talked to him about it but dont really know what to say
asked in Steps & Stages by Lastmomstanding (142 points)

7 Answers

3 votes
What you have to do is simply talk to him and say that it is not something you do.  You compare to something that he understands, like how when he is taking a bath that he has to be alone and then maybe it will help him.  Dont make it a huge deal or else he will feel real bad.
answered by Adviceseeker (209 points)
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Just tell him that he should be embarressed to that.  He has no shame right now regarding touching himself maybe you should instill it.  That is if talking nice doesnt work first
answered by Margey (187 points)
OMG...are you really telling this lady to instill shame in her child!?! That's shameful!
5 votes
I agree with Adviceseeker.  Let him know which parts and actions are private.  Contrast that with his hands and face, that everyone can see.  Also, use the real terms for his private parts.  Using pet names sends the message that these parts are taboo and should not be discussed.

I strongly disagree with Margey.  There is nothing shameful in a little boy touching his private  parts as long as he knows when it is inappropriate.  This act is just a sign that he is becoming aware of his body.
answered by cmic (4,473 points)
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It's completely natural & normal!  My son did it when he was young (started about 3), I'd tell him that other people do not want to see that.  If he feels the need to do it, it's something done in the privacy of his bedroom, when he's alone (not infront of people, especially strangers.)  I didn't make a big deal about it or act shocked or disgusted, just told him matter-of-factly... he understood.  You don't want to make fun of him or embarrass him, or make him feel like he is doing a bad thing (because he's not!)

When I'd catch my son doing it (usually he'd be watching tv & not even realize it), I'd simply tell him to go to his room & play.
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
3 votes
Make sure nothing else is going on like a yeast problem than can make him itchy and want to touch himself because of this.
answered by grandma (66 points)
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I agree with most everyone here.  Obviously instilling shame in a child is wrong because what he's doing is completely normal and not sexual.  Is there a dad or father figure that could perhaps address this too?  Sometimes it helps having a man help as they know things about that area we gals don't.  Like, he could be uncomfortable, itchy or chafing.  Either way, sign him up for baseball, he'll fit right in!  laugh

answered by channylaf (3,549 points)
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I would try to explain appropriate behaviour, what is ok to do in public, and what is not ok. I think the main thing is not to make it "taboo" -- something that is forbidden, or else he will want to continue to play with it in public, just to make his mommy mad.
answered by jenna3967 (2,690 points)