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My 3 yr old keep kicking & biting. Helpful hints to stop appreciated

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So my little angel has turned to a little ravenous devil, biting and kicking.  I know that this is a common thing so there must be a stop.  The other day he almost took my mother in laws nose off, now most mothers wouldnt mind that (tongue firmly in cheek) I did not take kindly to it.  I have tried time outs , yelling, speaking.  Any help.
asked in Steps & Stages by RebbyGee (176 points)

3 Answers

1 vote
Time outs worked for me.  You want to stick to your guns and make sure that your boy stays in time out mode, and make them longer and longer so he has more time to think about what he did, sooner or later it should make a point.
answered by Alex44 (120 points)
1 vote
I dont know, I think spanking is still an option.  I was spanked and I turned out fine.  I am actually going to start a poll on this sight now 2 C if NE1 else is still old skool like me, even tho I am only 23.
answered by Hannah (141 points)
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Time outs in his room?  Good luck, there's so much in there to play with it's not discipline.  Get a naughty chair or stool.  One minute for every year he is in full view of everyone else might help.  A little embarrassment can go a long way.  Also, why is he doing these things?  Is he being put into an uncomfortable situation?  I know my MIL  picks up our son and smothers him a little to the point where I can tell he's uncomfortable.  Maybe this is the only way he feels he can communicate?
answered by channylaf (3,549 points)