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Looking for a Christmas present idea

7 votes
I know it is really last minute but does anyone have any ideas for a Christmas present that would be good for a 5 year old boy?
asked in Kids by Stephanie (528 points)
I guess I am a little late in answering this but I agree with the muppets being a great gift.

4 Answers

2 votes
Best answer
I honestly think that you can't go wrong with anything involving the muppets.  Especially since the movie just came out.
answered by Amanda (273 points)
selected by Stephanie
1 vote
I gave my daughter a big black board work station that she loved.  She is a little younger tho
answered by Denise (75 points)
1 vote
Too late but strawberry scented socks might be funny, that is what I got
answered by Amber (252 points)
0 votes
Lego or Kinex are great for imagination play and small muscle dexterity. The latest Disney DVD is always fun for the whole family to view together. How about some Thomas the train pieces?
answered by Guppy (6,009 points)

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