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Any tips on potty training my 2 1/2 yr old boy?

9 votes
My little guy is almost 3, he pees on the toliet at daycare but doesn't want to do it at home.  Aside from letting him run around naked (I really would rather not clean up the mess) anyone have any other tips.
asked in Steps & Stages by wenlpt (64 points)

3 Answers

2 votes
Lots of patience.  Have a potty in an area that is comfortable to him - even a common area.  Don't worry, he won't pee in the living room forever!  Good luck :)
answered by Shammy (78 points)
Good answer Shammy & oh so true (about not peeing in the livingroom forever, haha... well, you hope!)
0 votes
My husband says to try the Fruit Loop trick.  Place 3 fruit loops in the potty or toilet and get him to try and hit them.  After a while he'll get the gist of it and not need the fruit loops anymore.  He also says to make sure to flush them away before he tries to fish them out...tee hee, yuck
answered by channylaf (3,549 points)
Haha, cute idea... I'll have to use that one on my nephew when babysitting!  I'll have that lil rug-rat potty trained in no time! :)
0 votes
This is one area my son was good at, potty training!  Not sure if it was me, or just something he picked up on easily!?  I was on him constantly, always asking him if he had to pee in the potty.  Well, within reason... after having drinks, after naps etc.  I was a single mom, so he didn't have his father around much, but he liked to copy grandpa.  He had his potty in the washroom & when any of us had to go to the washroom, my son would follow... but he especially liked to follow grandpa.  Whenever he went, you'd think he won the noble peace prize!  We ALL cheered, clapped & gave him a ton of praise! He ate that up! He'd get a tiny fun, sticker on his hand.  Funny thing he didn't last long on the potty... he wanted to use the big toilet (with a step-stool, of course.)  All I know is it worked!  Good luck with that wnlpt! :)
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)