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When will I know my boy is ready for potty training?

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My boy Stephen is getting near 2 years old and I am ready to stop changing his diaper (enough already)  I was wondering if any parent on here knew of any signs to start the potty training process.  Any tricks of how to train would also be appreciated.
asked in Potty training by Jodi (156 points)

3 Answers

1 vote
A good sign is when they are aware they are going potty.  My first born would say POO before she went and then we knew it was time.  Usually around 20 months or so you can start trying.
answered by Teresa (214 points)
1 vote
Hiya, around 2 to 2 and half should be good
answered by DebbieDudley (166 points)
1 vote
My son was around 2 yrs. old.  His father wasn't around, but we were around grandpa & uncles alot.  He would go with them & soon he was mocking them, doing as they did, in his potty (which was in the bathroom.)  I got extremely lucky with that one, it was easy (thank God... one easy thing!)
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
Thinking back now, we also used to make a big deal when he'd go potty... praise him, we'd all clap & say what a wonderful, big boy he was!  HE ATE THAT ATTENTION UP!  There also was a book I got from the library that talked about a lil bear that went on the potty (can't remember the name, sry.)  He loved that story!  Also, we never forced him, we let him go at his comfort level.