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When did your child start talking?

12 votes
My son is 15 months and only says mamma, dadda and nonononono (but rarely). Did anyone have any late talkers?? He's on track with every other developmental milestone and understands what we say and responds to it but just has no words yet.
asked in Development by archy0050 (895 points)

4 Answers

3 votes
My baby is saying words and she is 18 months, she has been trying to communicate for some time.  I think I understand her more than anyone else right now.  I was told that she is ahead of schedule.  Some words arent even close though like Cookie Monster is Tizi Maza.
answered by Kelli99 (137 points)
2 votes
Tizi Maza, hahah, that is too cute.  Around 2 years is when they really start talking and that was the case for my children too.
answered by Francine88 (161 points)
1 vote
My son was about 18 months when he was trying to say words.  My nephew (who just turned 2 yrs. old), is doing well with his speech!  Everytime we see him, there are more & more words that he says, clear as a bell! It's amazing when you don't see them everyday, how much progress they really make!
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
1 vote
Both my kids started saying single words around 8-9 months. Mama, Dada, car, ball .

They were both early talkers. My mom told me I was the same way. Maybe it's genetic!
answered by jenna3967 (2,690 points)