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How do I get my 22 month old to want to stop breastfeeding? I am ready, he is not.

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My baby is 22 months old and very attached to breastfeeding. Its really time to stop, but he won't give it up and will scream and cry for hours, and tug at my shirt yelling "my boo! my boo!" Any ideas on how to want him to stop? He drinks from a cup like his brothers, but still wants his "boo" especially at night time, when he's sick, or if he's not getting his own way.
asked in Baby feeding by Andrea Amy (142 points)

3 Answers

4 votes
Try having daddy do the feedings that he wants his "boo".  You should stay out of sight so he is not reminded of you.

Also, remind him whenever he says "my boo" that it is mommy's boo.
answered by cmic (4,473 points)
Daddy works long hours and isn't around much so that isn't a possibility, but thanks for the answer.
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Time and determination are the most basic things needed. I just stopped nursing my 21 months old daughter this week. It took me about 3 weeks and I used small steps till I finally completely weened. At first I started weaning her from the "non critical" nursing times, those for me were times when she was not going to take a nap or going to sleep for the night. I told her different stories of why there was no breast, the one that worked best was that they left on an airplane. In a way it was like a game, but it worked out.  As I kept telling her that there was no breast at different times she stopped asking after awhile.  Good luck
answered by Deborah (197 points)
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There are some wonderful sippy cups out there nowadays... nows the time to have him try them (especially if he drinks cups with his brothers!)  Our children always had a favourite stuffy, make sure he has that to cuddle with when he wants his "boo".  Be firm, it will pass... just give him his "boo"... no more Mommy's "boo", lol.  Hope this phase doesn't last long Andrea Amy!
answered by karlisss (3,585 points)