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Constipated newborn here. Need advice

8 votes
My new born girl is only on breastmilk and was having 2 to 3 soft movements a day and now she is having none, she has gone 5 days in a row with nothing.  She has gone even longer before.  Is this normal..   A little concerned mother and father here.  Never wanted to see poo more in my life.
asked in Health and advice by busymommy1 (168 points)

7 Answers

3 votes
A lot of newborns go days with a solid movement when they are only feeding on breastmilk.  No need to be worried but you should talk to a doctor anyways.
answered by perfectparent (176 points)
3 votes
Yea, this is a common thing for sure.  Be happy you have the diaper changing break you deserve. ha
answered by Jodi (156 points)
Haha, good one Jodi.  Enjoy the break
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My advice is stop worrying.  It seems fine to me.  Positive attitudes supersedes many problems.
answered by HSmythe (137 points)
2 votes
If this problem occurs while she is eating solids then you should start to worry
answered by Sandymum (197 points)
1 vote
Some breast fed babies are known to go 2 weeks without pooping.  Our record is 10 days.  I was worried but one night it showed up completely normal and filled the diaper.  A girlfriend told me sometimes the body needs more nutrients and uses the breast milk up completely so there's no waste to expel.  Congrats, your babe's digestive system is becoming a well oiled machine!
answered by channylaf (3,549 points)
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I know if feels really scary. But just keep on breastfeeding, it'll all "work itself out". I see a lot of moms in my professional life that ask questions about this, and it's very anxiety provoking. But if the baby is not in distress, cranky, pulling on the belly, then just leave it. If it gets more problematic, then seek medical attention.
answered by jenna3967 (2,690 points)
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My son often would go five days with a bowel movement. I too was concerned, but my doctor told me breast fed babies can go for a week without a dirty diaper. As long as your little one has at least 6 wet diapers a day and isn't crying more than usual or pulling her knees to her tummy, there isn't a problem.

Once she is older the dirty diaper count will increase.
answered by jenmccaul (690 points)